The Purpose

We love to help. The way we see it, that is ultimately what life is about. Marketing is our vehicle. We love small businesses and consider them to be the backbone and driving force of our economy. It is such a kick in the pants to be able to help cultivate the American entrepreneurial spirit by providing sound marketing services and then watch an organization really win with it. All of our activities are directed toward doing just that.

The Goal

To rehabilitate the small and medium-sized business arena in the United States on the subject of Marketing and provide it with effective education, information and resources on the subject so as to create a renaissance for our economy where the small business can flourish again and it is more fashionable and easier to be an entrepreneur.

The Name

In Position Marketing LogoThe name, In Position Marketing, was derived from the very important marketing concept called "positioning." Positioning was introduced in a magazine article in 1969 by Jack Trout and then popularized in the bestselling book by Al Reis and Jack Trout, "Positioning - The Battle for Your Mind."

The concept gets "defined" in many, slightly different, ways but the general idea is that, in marketing, one is trying to enlighten people about his product so that they will "buy." The communication one uses must be received. How do you get people to actually listen to you in the face of the fact that they get bombarded with an overwhelming amount of communication already? The answer is that there are open windows in their minds and Positioning provides the system for "finding a window in the mind." Those windows are the information and data they already know and in which they are interested. They don't know you yet. If you can relate your communication and product to something they already know and with which they are comfortable, they will receive your communication and probably act on it. Makes sense, doesn't it? Not only does it make sense but it works like magic.

So that's part of the idea of our name - it just relates to that fundamental concept and tool in marketing which we, of course, use very zealously. But the name also relates to a concept about what we are doing with our clients. The definition of marketing we often use is "preparing a product or service and taking it to and placing it in the market in such a way as to maximize potential and return." The primary action there being "placing." We place you. We guide you. We position you. We get you in position for success. You will often see and hear that phrase from us.

The Place

 We are located in Clearwater, Florida but our playing field is the entire country and even the world, for that matter.

In Position Marketing Headquarters         clearwater-montage

               Our Headquarters in Clearwater, Florida