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Amazing Marketing & Your Message

I often tell people that I love marketing because it combines art and humanity to connect people with people and things that will enhance their lives. It is the humanity part of it that might be just slightly more interesting for me.

There is a wonderful scene from the TV show Mad Men where Don Draper pitches a client on using nostalgia as a hook. You should watch it. Nostalgia is potent because it is based in human emotion and that is the door you open for people to get them to buy what you are offering.

Today, in his blog, Seth Godin challenged people to "be amazing." I like that. Be amazing with your marketing. There's no reason I can think of not to be. Maybe that means using nostalgia or some other real, emotional connection to get your message listened to and acted upon. Look at it. Could you use nostalgia?

I have a client whose business is tutoring kids. As I am writing this, I'm thinking about how I might use nostalgia for them. Could we? The kids have parents who are the actual target for my client's services. Those parents might be nostalgic about school and education and learning - a time when kids got more personal attention from the teacher? A time when learning seemed to really work and we got our education and still had time to "be kids" and play and explore and create. Hmmmmm. Could we?

Let's do it! Let's be amazing with our marketing - the next email you send out, the next web page you create, the next postcard you send out, the next ad you place. Take the time to make it amazing by using human emotion to make the connection with your public.