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In this internet-centric world, website design has taken on a great importance for most businesses. While the potential is, indeed, extraordinary online, one should not lose sight of the fact that a website is just another medium to which you should apply sound marketing practices. It is not just about getting a website up and published. It is still, most importantly, about what your message is, what value you bring to people and who you are bringing it to. To succeed, it has to deliver that so web design is much more than building a great looking site.

There is, in fact, value, the value of credibility, in simply having a website on the internet but just having one doesn't necessarily mean you will succeed and it certainly does not maximize the number of leads and customers you get. A website alone is not a magic pill! Successful web design incorporates:

  • Sound Marketing Principles
  • A Visually Pleasing and Enticing Look
  • A Highly Usable and Intuitive Design/Layout
  • A Responsive Layout

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A Few of Our Projects


Royal Car Wash websiteConsumer Energy Solutions

This project was a fairly straight-forward type of project. The client had an old website that looked and performed old. This is a growing, vibrant, dynamic company so the website did a very inadequate job of reflecting what this business is all about.

“When we hired Mark from In Position Marketing to rebuild our website from scratch, it was a little scary. None of the employees here at CES really knew what to expect and could only hope that this was a good decision for the company.

It’s hard to describe the process. Mark was so good at really understanding what we were saying and then transforming the idea into something tangible we could see! There were many times where feedback from CES execs turned him down a different course. But he was always right there willing to provide what was being asked for.

More importantly, he was very patient and willing to explain the thought processes he goes through. He would also explain different options when taking into consideration our ideas. And he steered us away from making mistakes that we otherwise might have made.

The final product is beyond what we hoped for. This website is beautiful. And it’s functional. And it’s easy to navigate. We’ve already had customers and vendors go to the site and be extremely impressed with it. "

Kathy Wach, Assistant to the CEO, Consumer Energy Solutions Inc

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mo2m.orgMothers Opposed to Marijuana

This website project was a rush project. The organization formed very, very quickly and needed to get established online even quicker as it was part of a grass-roots social movement that needed to make its presence broadly known and get its message out on a massive basis as quickly as possible. This site was up and published within 3 days.

“I needed a website and fast! We HAD to come up with a web page to educate people on marijuana. We wanted it to be caring, but also we had to make an impact! Mark Krajewski and In Position came to the rescue with bright ideas and great skills! From awesome color schemes to amazing video sections which totally keep you in high-interest! WE LOVE OUR WEBSITE! We have a big mission in educating others on this drug scene, and Mark with all his smarts and, most important, his caring and passion, made it so that we are raising awareness and even changing minds for the good of all! We can’t thank Mark enough! He wears a super-hero cloak now!"

Lynn Posyton, Founder of Mothers Opposed to Marijuana

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The Placement Firm websiteThe Placement Firm

This is a very basic website designed for a recruitment firm. What was needed here was a conservative design on a platform where the content could be presented very simply but which could easily expand as the business expanded while still maintaining a high level of usability.

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Keep It Simple websiteKeep It Simple Commercial

This was a design project that required a conservative look on a platform the could remain flexible and easily expandable to accomodate a business that might move in any direction and that was prepared to expand and change as the needs of their marketplace might dictate.

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Health Awareness Foundation websiteHealth Awareness Foundation

This client had a bit of a situation when they turned to us. They had a small website that represents a special foundation for which the owner of the company is on the board. Through a series of situations, the site had been taken down off the internet and the content was no longer available to be used. Now it just so happens that the site was quite old anyway so this was sort of a blessing in disguise in that they could now have a much better website.

The trick here was to be fast because each day that past without their site being up cost them. The other challenge was that most of the content had to be created anew. We searched the company's files for anything we could get our hands on and got together some very raw material and launched into the project from there. We had the final website up and published in 3 days.

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